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Father-daughter team Frans and Christelle
de Klerk send out a daily newsletter
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at traders and medium- to long-term
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The Speculation Group is available to a group
of traders who receive daily technical trading
ideas and information on the ALSI (futures
instrument for the Top 40 index) and
CFDsvia SMS and email. This group 
receives a daily newsletter, the
Speculation View that analyses
and discusses the daily graph
on the ALSI. 
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The S&P Group receive trading ideas via
SMS and email on the S&P
mini (the future
instrument for the
S&P index in the
US – traded in USD).
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As a subscriber to Frans & Christelle de Klerk’s services, you are entitled to a free training video every week. The training video covers different topics every week. Frans or Christelle will discuss a candle, formation or a trading idea. This will enable the beginner or the advanced trader to learn or be reminded of new technical tools or ideas.

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Technical Analyst

Frans De Klerk is an independent technical analyst with thirty years of experience. His love for technical analysis and his specialization,
in the Candle Technique in particular, stems from his keen interest in psychology.


Technical Analyst & JSE Registered Trader

Christelle De Klerk is a registered SAIFM trader specialising in equities and derivatives. She has an honors degree (CTA) in Financial Accounting and a diploma in Management Accounting through CIMA. Christelle joined her father in 2013.


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